Alston Little Rascals - Xenie

I first spotted my dad peering at me in the puppy cage at the Napa Pound. I had been found abandoned in a cardboard box outside of Safeway and then brought to the city facility. With my oversized Chihuahua ears and scraggly 4-month old charm, my dad was overjoyed to sign the necessary papers and bring me to his home where we walked, played and ate together.

A couple of months later, a woman in the complex where my dad lived offered to walk me and that is how I met my mom. Mom knew I needed a park and a best dog friend. She had me sit with her while she chanted to make my dream come true.

My dad takes me to the dog park in the afternoon. We walk together as he listens to his mp3 player and is delighted with my frolicking and saying hello to other dogs. I'm so lucky to have two parents who take good care of me and love me.

Soon my dad introduced my mom and me to Tommy who lives in the same building. We very quickly became best friends. We run to each other and spend most days together at the dog park, at my mom's or Tommy's mom. We spend the day playing, eating, walking, wrestling, snuggling. A match made in heaven. A prayer answered.

Each day is my dream come true as Tommy and I play with each other and the other members of the pack we have met at Alston Park.