Alston Little Rascals - Tommy

Iím a Pomeranian who has a very happy, loving, caring, and exciting life. I go to the dog park almost every day! I run, play scamper, role and jump at the park with my old friends while also making new friends with other dogs! I am so happy because some of my friends come over and play at my house too. We even had a Christmas party for dogs! I have so much fun! But it hasnít always been like this.

I was raised in the back yard of someone who does not like animals very much. When animal control found me and about 18 other dogs. I was underweight, filthy, full of ticks and fleas. All my beautiful thick fur was stuck and matted all over my body and I was shivering and terrified. They picked me up, shaved my fur off, and gave me good food and a bath and talked kindly to me.

One day a woman walked in and looked right at me and asked the staff very loudly, "Is that little dog getting groomed or does he need a home?" I watched her closely, while holding my breath because somewhere in my heart I knew this was going to lead to something. When someone on staff told her that no, he needs more then grooming, he needs a home. She burst out crying, and I knew she was my mommy forevermore! I just circled round and round in my cage barking while she did paid for me, bought me a leash, collar and even a toy! And here I am!