Alston Little Rascals - Rocky

I'm WAITING! Pick up the ball and throw it. It's NOT rocket science!

In my short life I've had 4 homes and 3 different names-go figure. My mistress, Lorelei was unable to keep me so she decided to share me with Granny. I am now settled here in Napa with my grandmother.

I love to chase and retrieve tennis balls. Some have suggested I'm OCD with a ball but I'm good at it. I even clean the balls in water dishes in the park. It's a habit I picked up from a friendly Racoon, also named Rocky as chance would have it.

I plan to enroll Grandma in the Napa Valley Dog Training Club for further Good Manners training. Maybe agility classes too, who knows. I have big plans.

For now I am "The Most Happy Fella in the Whole Napa Valley", especially when I'm with my Little Rascal friends at Alston Park! Happy days are here again!

See you in the park!!!