Alston Little Rascals - Kimi

I was born in February of 2010 and lived with some people who had many children and even more dogs. I learned to love little kids and playing with other dogs. I got pregnant when I was far too young. One day I ran out the door, looking for food and fun. But I couldn’t find my way home and nobody came to get me.

It was hard being a homeless little dog, pregnant and on my own. I guess that is when I started eating acorns, birdseed, or almost anything that I could swallow. I eventually was picked up by somebody who gave me real dog food and helped me through my pregnancy. She tried to help me with my sick puppies, but both of them died. That made me sad. I spent six months with this nice lady. After that, my foster mom decided I was ready for a forever home so she sent me out for a day with Whiskers, Tails and Ferals in Napa. Suddenly this couple picked me up and started talking to me in a nice voice. It made me very happy so I kept licking them. A few hours later, I went home with my new mommy and daddy.

My new mom had trained other dogs and knew I was more than just a pretty face, so she started taking me to agility classes. It is so much fun going through the tunnel, jumping the fences, and, oh yeah, getting treats. In the class they call me "rocket dog" but that is not my real name. My name since my foster mom rescued me has been Kimi, but they sometimes call me Kimicoo, Kimikimchi, Kimikadoodlehopper, The-Wee-One and Kimiwhateveryou’redoingdon’tdoit. I use to think that the word Kimi meant food, but I’ve learned that it means more than just food. It means me and it means love.

Two of my favorite things are going to the stables to visit Mom’s horse and going to Alston Park to play with my buddies. Although they call me a rescue dog and a longhaired Chihuahua, I’m really just a little girl dog who wants to lick somebody, sit on their lap, have them talk nice to me and kiss me. Oh yeah, and feed me. My heart needs love, but my belly needs food. Now I get plenty of both.