Alston Little Rascals - Gabe

That hot air baloon better not try to land HERE!

I'm known around here as, "The Gabe." I was rescued from Napa Shelter when I was 2 years old, but I don't discuss that much cuz I'm too busy being popular and having fun! Daddy picked me out to be a little brother to another mutt, named Shersha. Dad loves me so much he buys me expensive (well, they once were expensive) Italian Leather shoes from the thrift store to chew on. Now thatís love!

I love Shersha and he loves me, but everyone else loves me too! Other dogs love me, people love me, (mostly the ladies)! I am cute and cuddly. Heck, even the birds and other critters love me; except the voles, which make an excellent snack!

If you see me there without my entourage, I'm not lost. I am just making sure all is well around the park. I have to supervise the operation of Alston Park! The trash cans don't empty themselves, people! And don't get me started on the hot air balloons that think they can land in my park!