Alston Little Rascals - Charlie

Hanging out at Alston Park

Relaxing in my new car after a long walkWhen my mom planned to move, I started to look for a new place. I like Napa and especially the parks. That's how I got to know Maggie. Now I am living with her and her people.

I come from a show business background, but I never really got interested in that for a career. Way too much bathing!! Instead I go for the quiet life with good food, good friends and lots of walks.

Maggie was excited to introduce me to the pack. What a great bunch of dogs! They were very friendly and accepted me right away. We run around and play every morning. There are even snacks served. We have a great time.

It looks as if I am pretty well set up. Maggie and I play every morning at about 5am, running around the living room, down the hall to the bedroom and back. Then breakfast, a nice long walk and a nap. It's the ideal dog's life for sure.