Alston Little Rascals

What would a day at the park be without stopping for refreshments?

The Alston Little Rascals meet every morning at 9:30am to run and play at Alston Park in Napa, California. All of the Rascals are of a similar size. While there are many very nice dogs at Alston Park, even the most friendly and playful Labrador Retriever can be a little much for smaller dogs like us.

The little dog people slowly walk a path that is under a mile while we run, catch up on the new smells and sometimes dig for gophers. Then we gather our people together to relax in the small enclosed area (so that they cannot wander off too far) while we play and chase each other some more.

We are rather informal, there is no need to have your people call our people. Just walk up and give us a friendly sniff and you can come along. Treats are served from time to time. It will be fun, we promise!